museum & culture center. Berlins

YEAR / 2019
AREA / 232 m2
CLIENT / non-profit organization “Ventspils kino un vizuālā māksla“

The local film museum and culture center

A film museum that showcases the first silent feature film made in the territory of Latvia in 1913, as well as the history and protagonists involved in the process.
The film is called “Vu is emes?” (Where is the truth? / Где правда?), it was filmed mainly in the city of Ventspils and stared local actors. Film’s plot is about a young Jewish girl’s tragic fate during her study years in a province. The producer of this silent film was Gijom Berlin – the owner of Ventspils cinematograph “Ziemeļpols” and member of regional Jewish community. During World War I he went missing and he’s destiny remains unknown.

The purpose of the museum and culture center is to raise awareness about this historic fact locally and internationally, as well as do research and compile historical evidence about the persons involved in the making the film and their lives.

While the museum and its exposition would contribute in the cultural setting of the city, the culture center will act as a platform where the newer generations can gain interest and education in audiovisual arts through different events, festivals and workshops.