old school house reinvention. Sidgunda

YEAR / 2020
AREA / 320 m2 (PART I)

A local company took over a derelict school building in Sidgunda to use it for their business and at the same time to preserve the building since it is an important historical object physically and emotionally for the area. The goal of the project is to find a new functional purpose for the premises and to create a sense of community. Part of the building would be used as factory and packaging facilities for the company’s produce of berries and fruit. The rest of the building would be used as living areas and dormitories for the seasonal workers. The great hall would function as multifunctional space for the inhabitants and visitors where different events could be held like lectures, seminars, movies, parties etc. Overall, this project is about caring people who want to cherish their local history with respect to architecture, while developing their business, creating something new and giving back to the community.