spatial art object. Jūrmala

YEAR / 2019
AREA / 400 m2
Honourable mention at competition for art objects in Jūrmala

This project was made as a proposal entry for spatial art object competition in Jūrmala.

We see the courtyard of Dubulti Culture Quarter as an extension to the art and music schools and library. It is a place where to meet and develop the creativeness and talent. The main topic of our proposed architectonic solution is freedom of thoughts that is represented as a nest from where a young bird is ready to spread his wings and take off. The bird image is a metaphor for the divine inspiration and the development of creative mind.

The goal of the proposal is to create the courtyard as a multifunctional and organized space where it is possible to meet, think, rest or wait. The architectonic composition is formed as geometricized volumes that take inspiration from the paper folding art creating stylized forms of nature elements. The spatial arrangement of objects is made in a circular layout to create a small amphitheater scenario – a place where to hold different events like concerts, talks and other performances of the surrounding schools and library.